Code Profiler: WordPress Website Performance Profiling Made Easy.

Code Profiler is a plugin to measure the performance of your WordPress plugins and themes.
It analyzes the code performance of your plugins and themes on your server, at the PHP level. By bringing the power of code profiling applications such as Xdebug to all WordPress users, it makes it super easy to locate any bottleneck in order to speed up your website.


  • Plugins & themes performance profiling.
  • [Pro] Scripts performance profiling.
  • [Pro] Methods & functions performance profiling.
  • [Pro] File I/O operations monitoring.
  • WP-CLI integration.
  • File I/O statistics.
  • Disk I/O monitoring.
  • Export charts in PNG image format.
  • [Pro] Export all tables and charts in CSV file format.
  • [Pro] Filtering options

See it in action:


Free version:
Premium version: