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Restricting access to NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) settings.

Starting from version 1.8.1, it is possible to restrict access to NinjaFirewall (WP+/WP Edition) menu and settings. Note: Restrictions apply to... »

Fake site used to distribute malware via malicious plugins.

In recent days, we have worked on several infected WordPress websites that all had the particularity of having the same malicious plugin installed: Hackers... »

WordPress brute-force attack detection plugins comparison (2015 edition).Featured post

Following our 2013 benchmarks, we received quite a lot of requests to perform new ones and, this time, to include a category of plugins... »

Blocking WordPress XMLRPC brute-force amplification attacks with NinjaFirewall.

October 15, 2015 Update: Starting from version 1.7, NinjaFirewall WP/WP+ includes a protection against such attacks which can be enabled from the... »

Critical vulnerability in Swift Security Hide WordPress Firewall plugin leads to phishing attack.

This is a very interesting spear phishing attack case that we had to deal with this week. Spear phishing are attempts directed at a... »

How to block web vulnerability scanners with iptables.Featured post

We are often asked how to block the DFind vulnerability scanner (A.K.A. "") with NinjaFirewall, our Web Application... »

Migrating a website with NinjaFirewall installed.

In order to migrate your site with NinjaFirewall installed, it is important to follow those steps: WP/WP+ Edition 1 . Log in to your... »

Jetpack Protect: IP spoofing and improper data validation allow security feature bypass.Featured post

Since version 3.4, the popular Jetpack by plugin (15+ million downloads / 1+ million active installs) includes Jetpack Protect, a module "to... »

NinjaFirewall WP/WP+ introduces automatic updates for security rules.

Starting from WP v1.4 and WP+ v1.2, NinjaFirewall introduces a new feature: It offers the possibility to automatically update the firewall security... »

Testing NinjaFirewall without blocking your visitors.

NinjaFirewall is a powerful web application firewall. When implemented in a production environment, it does not take more than a few hours before its... »

Troubleshoot NinjaFirewall installation problems.Featured post

Failed installation This is the most common problem experienced by some users. At the end of the installation process, it displays the Error: the... »

Installing NinjaFirewall with HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine).

We have been testing for a while our NinjaFirewall sofware running on HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine), an interesting alternative to PHP. Compatibility test with... »

Securing a Joomla! installation with NinjaFirewall (Pro+).

NinjaFirewall (Pro+ edition) Access Control is a powerful set of directives that can be used to efficiently protect a website. In this article, we... »

Many popular WordPress security plugins vulnerable to IP spoofing.Featured post

A WordPress user who was facing a small brute-force attack asked us for help. He was using a popular security plugin but, this time,... »

WordPress brute-force attack protection in a production environment.

Following the benchmark tests that we published last year, this article will focus on NinjaFirewall in a production environment, facing two real brute-force attacks.... »

WordPress brute-force attack detection plugins comparison.Featured post

Update: We released a new set of benchmarks in October 2015. Two benchmark tests will be performed against the 5 most popular security plugins... »