NinjaFirewall PHP sessions debugging.



NinjaFirewall (WP and WP+ Edition) v3.4.3 introduces two new constants to help you debug potential PHP session issues such as whitelisted users being blocked by the firewall: NFW_SESSION_DEBUG_USER and NFW_SESSION_DEBUG_CAPS.
Either constant can be used in the WordPress "wp-config.php" script or the ".htninja" configuration file.

When enabled, selected users could see their NinjaFirewall status in the WordPress dashboard admin bar:

NF: User is whitelisted NF: User is not whitelisted


To display the NinjaFirewall status to user "alice" only:

define('NFW_SESSION_DEBUG_USER', 'alice');  

To display the NinjaFirewall status to users "alice" and "joe":

define('NFW_SESSION_DEBUG_USER', 'alice,joe');  


Values are: "subscriber", "contributor", "author", "editor" and "administrator". Note that administrators can also view their status in the firewall "Overview" page.

To display the NinjaFirewall status to all editors only:

define('NFW_SESSION_DEBUG_CAPS', 'editor');  

To display the NinjaFirewall status to all editors and authors:

define('NFW_SESSION_DEBUG_CAPS', 'editor,author');  

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